About Us

The Founder

Anita Onofre, was born in Sintra in 1967, in a large family, a lawyer mother and a civil engineer father, it was almost an obligation to follow academic studies, having studied law in Coimbra, but that was not the path she followed.

She lived in India where she received a doctorate in Ayurveda Holistic Medicine, specialized in Oncology, Yoga, Pilates and Reiki Master, counseling therapies in the most diverse areas.

Having lived for two years with the natives in Victoria, Canada, where she studied herbal medicine.

She shares her professional passion and time not only with patients, but also teaching in various parts of North America, she loves what she does.

She has been always fascinated with truly unique and authentic things, which brings many memories while keeping many of the items you have acquired over time, each with a different meaning.

Combining her passion and entrepreneurial sense, she launched the ‘Casa by Anita’ brand, with the aim of sharing with everyone the immense range of articles created and reinvented by a whole world of artisans, designers and brands from two countries with deep roots.

She reveals herself to be a passionate and engaging woman in everything she does, not only professionally, but also with family and friends.

Um Bem Haja
Anita Onofre

Casa by Anita

Casa by Anita was born in the desire of Anita Onofre to idealize something that could design articles and brands with a history, which she used to listen and identify since her childhood in two neighboring countries, Portugal by birth and Spain by adoption, two complicit countries not only due to their proximity, but also due to the extraordinary and revealing stories of their peoples, the contexts of societies, customs and tastes that define the identity of two countries.

Casa by Anita, a showcase exposed to the world, about the artisanal renaissance, with a careful selection of brands and artisans, artists, designers in the most varied areas and strands, coined by the authenticity, genuineness, and creativity of the immense articles and brands scattered around the world. over an immense territory, releasing a mixture of emotions, a nostalgic power in each of us, in the originality and in the time dedicated to each piece, so buying in ‘Casa by Anita’ is to value the artist.

Casa by Anita is a brand that goes beyond the reality of the store, it is a captivating and passionate brand for all the surroundings of the artisanal world, synonymous with quality, researching over the years from North to South, articles and brands with history, which over generations they keep their originality, they are articles like these that touch our hearts, this is a business with a soul.

Articles with history, we are part of it.