Smooth Blue Notebook

Historical Notebook
A notebook that knew who missed classes, who owed in the grocery store and, more recently, how to overcome a literary block (The Night of the Oracle, by Paul Auster).
Caderno Azul da Firmo – a Portuguese factory in Vila Nova de Gaia at the age of 60 – was relaunched.

Weight: 400 gr
Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 1.5

Manufactured in Portugal by Firmo


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As a differentiating element, it presents the portugality of the product, which many customers remember to see or use in grocery stores, schools, as a person who remembered the obligation to use them in chemistry classes. Originally the notebooks were longer than those now released in two sizes, with an elastic band to close it, a marker and a bag that allows you to store papers.

Another of the memorabilia used is the novel “The Night of the Oracle”, written by the American Paul Auster, which mentions a blue notepad of Portuguese. A journalist from La Vanguardia later mentioned that the novelist discovered these notebooks in a stationery shop on Rua do Calhariz in Lisbon.



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