Toothpaste Powder

Our toothpaste consists of a large portion of miswak

Miswak is derived from a tree known as salvadora persica, which has been used to make natural toothbrushes for millennia

This tree grows in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and Palestine, Miswak has excellent properties for oral and dental hygiene, cleans the mouth, prevents cavities, strengthens the gums and whitens teeth

Helps eliminate bad breath and remove plaque.

– Suitable for ultra sensitive or susceptible to bleeding gums.

– This very gentle toothpaste does not attack the tooth enamel.


Handcrafted in Portugal


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Kaolin (argila), Salvadora Persica (miswak), Mentha Piperita Leaf (hortelã), Salva Officinalis (salva)

Keep the product in a cool place away from sunlight

In case of reaction, discontinue use, do not ingest


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