Olive Oil Edición Limited 1/10 Harvest 20/21

Oro del Desierto launches the new limited series “Oro del Desierto 1/10” The meaning of 1/10 conceptualizes 2 premises necessary to obtain harvest oils very early:
– They are olive oils from the first (1) of October (10), when the olives are still in very early veraison;
– It takes 10 kg of this type of olive to obtain one litre of olive oil of this quality at this time (1 litre/10 kg).

We take home to our customers an olive oil freshly extracted in the branch, a fresh seasonal product that cannot be found at other times of the year

500ml bottle

Produced in Andalusia, Spain


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Due to the special edition of the product and the fact that it has recently been extracted, we recommend its use only in its gross state in about 6-8 months from its production and bottling. However, once decanted in the bottle, it can be used as extra virgin olive oil Oro del Desierto in its normal range, but the taste, color and aroma will change, and its preferential consumption is already prolonged as the rest of the range according to the indication in the bottle.


Extraction 2 phases in the first half of October. Only with olives in veraison very early, 95% still green.

Arbequina 40% and Picual 60%. from Finca el vicario, Tabernas Desert (Almeria)


Olive oil of opaque and intense green color, typical of freshly extracted olive oils, the taste and aroma are exceptionally intense, on the nose are evident the vegetable notes of the tomato, freshly cut herb, apple and almond

In the mouth it presents astringency and a spicy and bitter average that will soften as the weeks pass. Good nose-mouth balance that perfectly complements the 2 varieties from which it comes: Arbequina and Picual, its union gives rise to a perfect mixture for this freshly extracted olive oil.
Ideal for fresh cheeses, green salads, cold sauces, tomato with garlic, toast or simply to put on a plate and enjoy raw with bread.


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Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 31 cm