Ameixâmbar IG Azores - Selected Harvest 2019, Arinto dos Açores

A perfect blend of grapes from the Capelinhos area on the island of Faial – the site of the
eruption of volcanic ash in 1957 – and the “lagidos” of Criação Velha on Pico Island,
which gives to the  wine it’s unique balance

Produced in Pico Island, Azores, Portugal


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Region: GI Azores
Alcoholic graduation: 13%.
Grape Varieties: 90% Arinto and 10% Terrantez
Food Pairing: Excellent as aperitif or with fish and seafood dishes
Drink: until 2024

Bottle: 750 ml

Aging: 4 months in French oak

Red fruit aromas, ripe earthy raspberry with a hint of mint and chocolate
Palate vibrante e mineralidade marcada, onde notas de pedra de sílex são evidentes

Vinified with 90% Arinto-dos-Açores and 10% Terrantez-do-Pico in volcanic ash soils and lava flows
The vineyards are located on the islands of Faial and Pico, in Faial, the vines grow at the foot of the Capelinhos volcano, which erupted sixty years ago. From its ashes rises the Azores Arinto, a rare variety, very diversified in its aroma and complexity, different from the mainland Arintos
On the other, on the island of Pico, old vines thrive among the crevices of the slabs and the basalt corrals, right in the heart of the landscape that deserved the distinction of World Heritage.


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