Veliko Rug

Inspired by nature, combining the art of traditional Portuguese tapestry with the unique characteristics of cork, created with traditional weaving techniques, combining sustainable and natural materials with global interior design trends

The hems and the warp (vertical threads) are 100% washed linen, the weft (horizontal threads) are manually inserted in the loom and are made of cork and wool.

Size: 80 x 160 cm

Handcrafted in Portugal


In stock


Composition: Cork + Portuguese wool + Linen

The properties of cork enhance the performance of carpets, as they benefit from the unique characteristics of this noble raw material, of which we highlight:


Thermal and acoustic insulator



soft touch

Resistance / Durability

Minimises allergy risks


Additional information

Weight 3.000 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 80 cm