Mole Water exudes delicacy, well-being and personality. From the need for skin hydration was born what would become today the Soft Water: a small family business that creates and develops personal aromatic products and for spaces, high quality, from artisanal processes.

Arising from the creation of a handmade soap produced from virgin olive oil as a response and efficient solution to a skin problem, Soft Water grew, matured, innodered and expanded. From the soap has evolved into a complete range that has products not only for the body and hair but also for the home and also develops exclusive aromas for spaces that reflect your DNA.

The rigor in the selection of the best raw materials used combined with careful artisanal production, as well as to arrange efficient strategies so that the environmental impact of the brand, in the process that goes from the design of the product to the delivery of the same to our customers, is the smallest possible. Without testing on animals but with some products that are not vegan, they are all properly labeled with the ingredients present in the compositions so that they make the right choice for your body and home.

Orikomi is an eco-friendly lighting brand that develops handmade pieces with the origami technique.

It was established in November 2013 as a pop-up store with the aim of raising funds for the non-profit Association – Adobe for Women (whose mission was to support 20 Mexican women building their own adobe homes). In January 2014, surprised by the success of Orikomi, the founders Ana Morgado and Carmo Caldeira decided to move on with the brand, which proved to be one of the best decisions they have ever made. Orikomi pieces are carefully hand-made in Lisbon, Portugal, on high quality paper, with a wide variety of colors and combinations available.

These environmentally friendly lamps require low energy consumption (they can only be used with LED or economical lamps) and at the end of their life cycle they are fully recyclable.

Since 2019 Orikomi offers carbon-free transport. The brand has started a partnership with, which ensures that carbon emissions from the transport of lamps are offset through projects such as the conservation of the Amazon forest or the treatment of contaminated water in Kenya. Alongside carbon-free transport, the Orikomi brand also offers an ecological packaging, using only compostable and recycled materials.

The Soap Tree is a registered trademark dedicated to the artisanal production of olive oil soaps, bath salts, creams, scrubs and natural candles, seeking to sensitize people to the use of healthier and more natural alternatives to conventional cosmetic products, full of chemicals and harmful agents for our body.

We offer a range of natural products, environmentally friendly, with selected ingredients of great quality, taking advantage of what nature offers us the best!

Inhale the aroma, close your eyes and travel with us to the neighborhoods of other times. The typical neighborhoods of small commerce and the streets of Portuguese sidewalk full of people and animation. The neighborhoods of the gentlemen in hats. The neighborhoods of the barbershops where the beard was made the razor, beard soap and brush, and the conversation took place, without haste, to the sound of telephony.

This is the spirit that the Old Neighborhood Barbershop wants to revive and perpetuate. More than an Old Barber shop brand in Bairro is the first brand created by the company “100ml- Perfumery, Sociedade Unipessoal,Lda”.

We want to reborn the ritual of shaving with authentic classics reinterpreted for the care of man today. The true contemporary must-have of classic shaving as refinement of yore.

In Portugal, barbershops are an integral part of the history of many cities and privileged place of tertúlia. Even today, several neighborhoods maintain this tradition in the experience and in the process. Areas in which there remains a culture of communication, conversation and exchange of greetings, very typical of Portuguese culture and of which we are so proud. This has been our way.

Amor Luso’s activity is focused on the artisanal production of natural cosmetics and traditional soap. Where all activity is based on a symbiosis between partners, producers and the community. With this, we can offer a full range of soaps, cosmetics, salt baths, shaving line and aromas for the home.

At the base of all products are raw materials from the Dão region (Beira Alta), such as olive oil, honey, jarmelist goat’s milk, Dão wine, aromatic plants among many other riches of nature

Wool crafts are at the origin of the current Reguengos de Monsaraz Council and constitute a fundamental reference in the history of the region. Since the 16th century, the passages of large herds of transhumance linked to the Spanish Mesta, together with the settlement on the site of the bragança housekeepers, created exceptional conditions
for the development of this activity, which was popular and habitual among several artisans who worked in family business structures. In the 1930s, António Durão set up a workshop, so that several people could exercise the aforementioned
art, thus founding a small factory where he employed masters and apprentices. Later, in the 1950s, José Rosa concentrated in this workshop all the small blanket industries in Reguengos de Monsaraz, giving it the name Fábrica Alentejana de Lanificios. Improved production techniques, as well as design and
quality. It created the brand image of Mantas de Reguengos, and contributed significantly to its internationalization. It was in 1977 that Mizette Nielsen (of Dutch nationality) took over the business and materialized the concept of timeless blankets. It maintained the prestige and quality of Reguenguenses fabrics, but introduced
innovations, which combined with creativity kept the brand alive until today. In January 2020, the Factory passes into the hands of 3 Portuguese lovers of Alentejo, whose main objective is to continue the work of the Factory, introducing
simultaneously new products and concepts, which give new functionality to traditional fabrics. At the same time, it became possible for each client to contribute to the creative process, through the complete customization of their pieces, always maintaining
the distinguishing factors of Mantas de Reguengos, which are traditional patterns and exclusively manual wool production.