Casa by Anita not only highlights all kinds of work but also its artists and their roots. Making then shine both pieces of discreet and ingenious artisans as those of great representatives of culture and art such as Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro.

Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro

Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro was one of the artists that most marked Portuguese culture in the nineteenth century. From an early age, he showed a taste for the arts as well as talent and insight in various areas, especially artistic. and so he highlighted his skills by creating humorous drawings, caricatures and ceramic creations. Through them, portraying the society of the time at a social and political level.

In 1884, he accepted an invitation to direct the artistic sector of the Faience Factory in Caldas da Rainha, presenting ceramic pieces with original and innovative characteristics. The artist developed tiles, panels, vases, plates and much more. Of his vast works, his popular figures also stand out, mainly Zé Povinho and Maria Paciência. His illustrious work in the area of ceramics shone in such a way that Bordallo Pinheiro received a gold medal in international exhibitions; in Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), Belgium (Anvers) and the USA (St. Louis).

The Portuguese artist definitely left his mark, in such a way that, today more than 110 years after his death, we still find pieces with the characteristics of those made by Bordallo Pinheiro. These pieces are handcrafted in Portugal.

Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro
Utility Parts

Most of the pieces have a utilitarian purpose, mainly for the table and kitchen. Among them we can find:
Trays and platters;
– Teapots;
– Cups, mugs and glasses;
Table centerpieces;
Salad bowls;
– Among others…

Decorative Pieces

Certain pieces are just for decoration. Pieces in the form of animals, fish (mainly sardines), fruits and flowers tend to stand out in stores. But it is also customary that some dishes, initially for utilitarian purposes, end up also serving as decoration.

Casa by Anita is synonymous with quality, creativity, diversity and respect for history. The last one made us who we are today, and the brand prioritizes this affection for the past. Making available in your store the target of all your passion; articles with history.